Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Living without the internet

We decided to shut the internet off at home. There were 2 reasons for this, 1. Cost-the local company offers new customers drastic discounts, but was charging us a TON! I called their customer service and they weren't willing to lower it for us. 2. Time- the last two days I have accomplished so much. It's amazing how when it's so convenient we waste so much time using it. That said here's what I've been up too.
I finished the chair bags! Yay!
I was able to finish 2 more wallets. One for my mom, and one for my friend Gretchen's mom. Gretchen's mom sent me 2 yards of this adorable Dr. Seuss fabric along with a sweet card about Boomer. I LOVE Dr. Seuss and Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3, etc! That said here's the wallet. I forgot to get a picture of moms, but I put 2 straps on that one so it would remind her of the cute suspenders Annie wore for pictures.
I'll be on here a few times a week so please don't quit checking in!

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