Sunday, October 23, 2011

We're getting ready for winter

We have a wood burning boiler to heat our home for the winter so we've been spending our free time cutting and stacking firewood. Even though the kids are young we're trying to instill a good work ethic in them. They help stack the wood for a little bit and then they play hide-and-seek the rest of the time. We all enjoy this time especially because we've had perfect weather for it. We've also hiked up to Butler Rock recently. It has been a beautiful fall!
We finished off our night last night with what will probably be the last campfire of the year. My parents raised a baby raccoon this summer and he is bow full grown and fat, but very friendly. The kids enjoyed seeing him again. Now that he's on his nocturnal schedule we haven't seen him in a few weeks. The kids all laughed at how chubby he's gotten.
So that is what we've been busy doing. Like I said yesterday I've also been working on a few projects and will get some posts up about those this week. Sorry for my lack of craftiness lately!

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