Friday, October 7, 2011

Reuseable snack bags

I finally got around to making some of these little snack bags for the kids. I think they turned out super cute. On Max's turtle bag I used a PVL fabric for the liner. It was really giving me trouble. I'm thinking something must be wrong with it because on Annie's I used a different PVL and it sewed perfectly. For Maddy's bag I tried something different. I used a coffee bean bag for the lining. I'm not sure how it will hold up, and I'm a little sceptical because it ripped a little when I flipped it right side in. The nice thing about the PVL is that I can throw them right into the washer and dryer, and after the kids were done with their cheetos I did just that. These will be another trial and error project I guess. I have one other "fabric" to try out as a liner. After Chris' Grandma passes away a few weeks ago we were going through her belongings and I found this-

It's some sort of vinyl. I thought it was so cute. The rest of Chris' family thinks I'm a little crazy already so I'm sure that didn't help.
Today's project is 7 more chair bags.
Then I'm hoping to make a few wallets and a skirt for myself! I need those cute, fun projects for me ever now and them. I'm thinking something like this.
You can find the tuturial here

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