Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day

We enjoyed a wonderful Labor Day today and I hope you did too!  We started our day by taking the kids to a photo shoot with their Grandparents.  Child 3 also had her 2 year pictures taken today.  I felt like it was a litte thrown together on my part, but I'm sure the amazing Gretchen (my friend and our photographer) was able to capture her personality very well.

The kiddos wore their Thing 1,2,&3 shirts that grandma got them, but Thing 3 (all on her own, honestly) added suspenders to the ensemble (well yes, I put them on for her). She is soooooo cute! I snapped these, but Gretchen's will be 1000 times better! After that we took a walk down to the marina. The kids love boats and the lighthouse. Although we forgot all about walking out to the lighthouse. We also dancedsang in the bandshell.

Then we took an unexpected trip over to the DeYoung Family Zoo. They have some pretty amazing animals there. We were able to watch them feed the Big Cats and see the hippo. We watched Louie the chimpanzee play for awhile too. Child 3 loved him!

We ended our day with a few couponing stops at Walgreens and Walmart.
4 Bags M&M's $3, 4 Bottles Spic and Span $2.00, Sauve and Pantene-free, Simply Orange and Simply Raspberry Lemonade (we drank them there were 4)-free, Paint samples $2.94, Starburst-$1.50, Revlon beauty tools- they paid me 50 cents, OP swim diaper- 50 cents.
Pretty nice trip considering I barely planned it :)

Not exactly the relaxing day I think it was intended to be, but we had a wonderful time as a family.

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