Thursday, September 8, 2011

Packer shirt day at school

My adorable little kindergartener needed a Packer shirt for school dress up today and we didn't have one. Thankfully, yesterday I stopped by a friend's house to pick up some hand-me downs for our little guy, and saw that she had 2 jersey's she was sending to Goodwill. Of course my mind started runnning. I brought them home with this cute dress in mind, but then realized that I couldn't cut the jersey down small enough to make a dress b/c I'd cut the number in half. I ended up taking the size 10 shirt down to about a 6. Then I took a yellow t-shirt that wasn't being worn and made it into a skirt. I cut the G-emblem off the sleeve of the second jersey and sewed it unto the skirt to embelish it a little. I think she looked adorable sporting some team spirit.
The shoes, entirely her pick. Thankfully once it warmed up a bit she ditched the leggings and put on tennis shoes. CUTE!

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