Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I really intended to get a lot done today, but instead...
That's been the story of my life lately. The kiddos needed a mommy day today. I was able to get Child 1's wardrobe sized out. It's all set for school and the few remaining clothing items she needs are on our last minute list.
This evening we headed to GB to pick up the foreign exchange student who will be staying with my parents for the school year. Unfortunetly his flight was delayed and we didn't actually get to meet him. Hopefully they will get home some time this evening, but there was a mix up and instead of being in GB at 5:56 he is in Appleton at 9:15. Odd hey! And that is just the short little flight from Chicago up! All the way from Hong Kong.

The only crafty thing I wanted to share with you before I konk-out tonight was this adorable fabric I found.
Now what to do with it......

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