Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First day of school

I am taking tonight off.  I have settled into the couch and not moved for the last hour and a half.   Today was more emotionally draining than I thought it would be.  When I dropped child one off at school this morning I really didn't think I'd cry, but by the time I left the tears were falling. 
After school we talked all about her day.  She was so excited and had a
wonderful day.  I love hearing things from her perspective, and she loves having my undivided attention. 
Then at dinner tonight she discovered her first loose tooth.  She was so excited.  What did I do?  I started crying.  Yep, I lost it.  I'm not ready for her to grow up yet.  Of course my response startled her and she started to cry too.  I finally managed to convince her that Mommy was just being goofy and that everything really was o.k. 
I'm headed to bed soon, and I'm sure I won't have any trouble sleeping tonight.

A little nervous.  Is she checking her zipper?

Taken the instant the vehicle pulled into the driveway!

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