Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Flea Market finds

I think I enjoy flea markets more than most people. There were so many wonderful things to look at. Of course I had to limit my purchases so that my wonderful husband allows me to go out again soon :) So here are a few of the things I enjoyed but didn't bring home with me.

I LOVE vintage toys!

And of course we found some cool fabric!
The lady I asked to take the picture of us digging through the pails of fabric thought I was really weird for not wanting a picture of us looking at the camera. I know she's probably right, but o'well.

We did stop at a few little quilt and fabric shops. I LOVED these Dr. Suess prints!

We enjoyed a quick kayak outing before heading home. I love being out on the water
Of course I didn't say no to everything I liked so here are the things I brought home.
This roll of paper is a little strange, but so COOL! I plan to use it for wrapping anything and everything!
I wasn't really sure what I was going to do with these but for $1 I'll bring all 3 of them home and think about it. I'm pretty sure I've decided to make terrariums for the kids rooms.
These old needle holders will make cute sewing room decor. I just have to put it all together somehow....
I love unique ribbon and cheap lace.

This old box was cool in and of itself, but it was also FILLED with safety pins. I think I'll use the box as decor on my bulletin board.
You'll be seeing more of these cute little birds in an upcoming project.

The kitchen towel was to funny to pass up! It says, "Whisperred words beneath the Bower-Holding hands at some late Hour usually lead as you well know- to raising young ones Crops and dough.
I thought it would make an awesome bag.

What can I say I have a thing for weird old toys!

Kind of a bad picture, but this is the fabric I got. The brown and white piece is an old table clothe, but I'm going to turn it into a blanket. I love the soft feel of the fabric.

Again bad pictures, my camera isn't really working tonight. I think the flash is broke or something. This is the irresistable fabric I found. I love the girls swinging, but what really sold me is the tiny snail by the tree.

The last thing I bought was this old book for a quarter. Books seem to catch my eye for some reason. Here's one of the odd little poems I found in this one.
The Jellyfish                             
Odgen Nash                            
Who wants my jellyfish?
I'm not sellyfish.

If that's poetry that is worth being published maybe I should be a poet!

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