Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Enjoying the last of summer

With my husband being a teacher summer always comes to an end early for our family. He heads back for inservice in a week, and the kids and I will be making our final school preparations then as well. BUT tonight I get to go on a much needed date with my husband. It will probably be the last date we have until Thanksgiving break. It feels like the school year is packed full with sporting events and activities Chris needs to, or wants to, attend. Tonight I'm hoping to head to the Green Bay Restore. My mom gave me a groupon for there as a birthday gift. I think we'll be making a stop at Fox Valley Thrift too. What a wonderful date :) Dinner will be at Red Robin so I can chow down my free birthday burger and dessert will be also be free over at chili's! I don't know if there will be room for my free Starbucks coffee after all of that.
The kids and I stopped to see Grandma at the ice cream stand today (before lunch). Here's some pictures of the little blue moon monsters!

I promise to have something crafty for you soon!

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