Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My amazing new wallet

I've been using this adorable wallet I found at the thrift store for the last few months. The problem was the wallet only had 2 card slots and a place for change. That's it! So although it looked cute it really wasn't practical. Then I remembered, I purchased a wallet pattern a while ago. Long story-not so short I made one wallet with it, which I loved, and then my sewing machine stopped working. In my depression I sort of stowed away everything I had been working on. I'm sure none of you have projects you've started and left half finished anywhere around your homes.

Anyway, the point of all this is that I FINALLY pulled out the pattern and pieces I had already started sewing and now I have a beautiful new PRACTICAL wallet.

So what makes this wallet so special? First, it has plenty of slots for all the cards I have to carry! Most of these are store loyalty cards or gift cards. We limit the credit cards so we don't get into any debt. In case any of you wanted to know that little fact.

Next, is the WONDERFUL check book pocket! I mean really I can put my WHOLE checkbook right in there! Wow, after previewing this my hands look HORRIBLE! I should really crop that out, but I'm too tired sorry!
Of course occasionally I do need to carry a little cash, a few coupons, or some stamps and that is where the other pocket comes in.
I purchased this WONDERFUL pattern on etsy. It's called the KF everything wallet. Unfortunetly, it's no longer available. I plan to make a few more of these up in fun prints to use for Christmas gifts. So those of you who know me don't go out and buy a new wallet before then :)

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